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Federal and State Legislative Updates


Scott Walker

Annually, Greater Lafayette Commerce takes positions on issues facing Greater Lafayette, Indiana, and the Nation.  The Federal Government Committee creates position statements and provides them to Indiana’s Senators and Representative from the 4th congressional district.  In the past, Greater Lafayette Commerce has taken annual trips to Washington DC to meet with our elected officials as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, C-SPAN, trade associations and other government departments and officials.  Greater Lafayette Commerce also hosts our Senators and Representative in meetings with business leaders.


Greater Lafayette Commerce’s State Legislative Updates connects business, industry, and community leaders with our State Senators and Legislators during the Indiana Legislative Session. It is a place to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in Indianapolis directly from our legislators and a chance for our business leaders to engage with them about legislation and its impact to their businesses.

During the meetings, our legislators will each get a chance to share what has recently happened at the Indiana Statehouse and what bills they are working on or will be coming up in their committees or for vote on the floor. Participants of the sessions will get a chance to ask questions.

Meeting days through the course of the legislative session will vary between Friday and Saturday to allow maximum participation.

To learn more about our Government Advocacy work, please contact Scott Walker at (765) 742-4044.

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