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La Tapatia offers a taste of Mexico to Greater Lafayette

Stepping through the doors of La Tapatia, a grocery store located at 3100 Cincinnati Street in Lafayette, immediately transports customers to the bustling markets of Mexico.

With shelves brimming with authentic Mexican groceries, La Tapatia is a haven for anyone craving a taste of home or authentic Mexican cuisine.

Whether you’re in search of traditional bread, meats, pinatas or even toys, La Tapatia has it all. Its snack aisle—lined with treats like Duvalin candies, Gamesa pastries, chicles by Canel’s and marzipan-style peanut candy by de la Rosa—is a nostalgic journey for its shoppers.

Every weekend at La Tapatia, the butcher's corner overflows with the smell of simmering beef chitterlings. Lift up the lid of one of the hot-serve stations and you'll be treated to a puff of steam and the thick aroma of meats and spices. Here are carnitas, ribs, chicken, barbacoa and more.

Behind La Tapatia are husband-and-wife owners Jose and Maria Munoz. Their journey from Mexico to Greater Lafayette in 1994 laid the foundation for what would become a cornerstone for Greater Lafayette’s Mexican and Latino-American population.

What started as a jewelry shop soon transformed into a grocery store, driven by the Munoz's desire to fill a void in the community by providing access to essential ingredients like tortillas, which were previously only available in Chicago.

But La Tapatia isn't just a place to shop; it's a community hub that stands as a testament to the Munoz family's commitment to serving their customers -- many of whom have moved to Greater Lafayette from all over the world, including Guatemala, Venezuela, Haiti and Mexico.

Their daughter, Gaby Munoz, who helps oversee the store, emphasizes the importance of not just providing goods but also offering guidance and support to customers from all walks of life. Whether it's giving them directions, recommending local services or even assisting with job opportunities, La Tapatia is more than just a business—it's a beacon of hospitality.

Location and contact information

Location: 3100 Cincinnati Street, Lafayette, In

Phone: (765) 446-0317

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