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Blichmann Engineering brewing equipment renowned for craftsmanship, innovation

Blichmann Engineering is making waves in the engineering and brewing industries.

Founded in 2001 by John Blichmann, Blichmann Engineering has become a leading name in the design and manufacturing of high-quality brewing equipment. The company is renowned for its commitment to precision, craftsmanship and innovation, creating products that cater to both amateur and professional brewers alike.

And it shows. The quality of their products has earned them an incredibly loyal customer base.

Blichmann Engineering's journey to success is a testament to the vision and dedication of its founder.

John Blichmann, a passionate homebrewer, identified a need for better brewing equipment and set out to fill that gap. What began as a small-scale operation has grown into a thriving business that serves the brewing community not just locally, but globally, spanning over 40 countries.

With over 25 years of homebrewing experience, John’s passion for designing quality equipment and his experience in product design, testing, manufacturing and service led him to “retire” as an engineering supervisor at Caterpillar so he could launch Blichmann Engineering and focus on designing the best brewing equipment.

Since 2001, the small business has had a solid focus on precise engineering, premium quality, unparalleled customer service and superior product value. You can say that brewing is a serious hobby of John’s, but designing equipment for brewing and winemaking is his true passion.

One key aspect that distinguishes Blichmann Engineering is its approach to addressing common industry problems.

They has consistently introduced cutting-edge brewing equipment that has revolutionized the brewing process. From state-of-the-art fermenters to precision control systems, Blichmann Engineering's products have set new standards in the industry.

A point of pride for Blichmann Engineering is its dedication to manufacturing products with the "Made in USA" mark. Over 70% of the company's product cost is attributed to US content, much of which comes from Greater Lafayette!

Blichmann Engineering has not only redefined industry standards but has also become a source of inspiration for brewers worldwide. As the company forges ahead, Blichmann continues to raise the bar, inviting enthusiasts to savor the artistry of brewing with unparalleled precision and passion.

Location and contact information

Location: 1600 Canal Road, Lafayette

Phone: (765) 421-2018

For more information, please visit

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