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By Michelle Brantley

Facebook has 2.91 billion users. That’s 36.8 percent of the entire globe’s population.

It goes without saying that having an effective presence on Facebook and other social media channels, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and Twitter, can be a game-changer in your marketing strategy.

But, if you’re like most small business owners, we know that you need to wear many different hats. It’s a reality entrepreneurs contend with as they work to grow their businesses. You must perform several different functions as effectively as possible.

So, on the day you’re wearing your marketing hat, here are four easy, yet powerful things you can do to kick your strategy up a notch:

1. Create a schedule

You cannot achieve miraculous social media results by only posting every once in a while. To fully take advantage of your social media platforms, you must be regularly active and post content on a consistent basis. This will keep your audience’s attention piqued.

So, decide how often you’d like to post and write your content ahead of time by creating a social media calendar. Consider setting aside 30 minutes to one hour each week to work on your plan. Dedicating even a small amount of time to your marketing efforts can give you a competitive advantage. Your social media calendar doesn’t have to be elaborate – just having a plan in place will help automate your content.

2. Alternate your content

It’s no secret that people digest content differently. Some may prefer to read, while others may rather listen or watch. So, appeal to your audience by including different types of content in your social media plan. Use a mixture of images, text-based posts, videos and links to articles.

3. Boost your posts

By boosting your posts, you can reach more of the right people and expand your audience beyond people who already like or follow your page. You don’t need a huge budget to boost posts. Only $10 or $20 can get your Facebook post in front of the eyes of thousands of local people. And you don’t have to boost every post.

4. Interact with your audience

Social media is a great way to have a conversation with current and potential customers. Reach out to them by creating attention-grabbing posts. By engaging your audience, you will make them feel valued, and in turn, generate word-of-mouth publicity.

Bottom line

Your marketing efforts don’t have to suffer because you have to play multiple roles. Implementing these four strategies can boost your social media efforts and give you a leg up against your competition.

About the author

Michelle Brantley is the Director of Marketing & Communications for Greater Lafayette Commerce.

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