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  • Wabash Valley Lean Network 

    Wabash Valley Lean Network is a regional, member-driven group, focused on applying Lean principles and continuous improvement methods to eliminate waste in business processes so member organizations can gain a competitive edge.  WVLN helps train, connect and encourage members on their lean journeys through the exchange of knowledge and experience. WVLN helps organizations transform their modes of operation through process-based innovation and end-to-end business process improvement.  WVLN members also capitalize on Lean-related learning opportunities, field trips, benchmarking visits and access to new resources.  WVLN also helps members improve quality management systems and stay compliant with International Quality Systems Standards.

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  • Tippy Connect’s members are young professionals between the ages of 21 and 40 who live or work in Tippecanoe County. They are dynamic and energetic, but they are also focused and committed. They are an integral part of that “special something” that makes our community such a great place to live.  The members are future leaders, not just in Tippecanoe County, but across the nation. Tippy Connect hosts professional development, networking, and community service events throughout the year, including our signature monthly networking and social event, “After Hours.”