• Small Business Success

  • Growing Exceptional Business Leaders into Legacy-Building Civic Leaders

    Small Businesses are a critical part of any vibrant community.  At Greater Lafayette Commerce, we know that great small business owners become great civic leaders. 

    Greater Lafayette Commerce will partner with you on your path to success, offering the resources and skills you need to be successful in your journey after the ribbon cutting, toward a rich and rewarding career.  

  • On-Demand Streaming Video Solutions

    Curated business best practices to answer your pressing business questions, available now in the Member Information Center (MIC) under Resources.

  • Ask the Experts  

    Providing expert business guidance based on the challenges you are facing today. We partner you with an expert who can provide guidance on a multitude of business issues. 

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  • Peer Offered Development Strategy

    No one understands the complexities of being a business owner better than another business owner. Second stage entrepreneurs have figured out the day to day business, but are looking for opportunities to grow their business and manage the challenges they will face with that growth. The strength of Greater Lafayette Commerce PODS rests in the collective power and wealth of knowledge of the business community.

    Each PODS group consist of eight to twelve, noncompeting, second stage business owners or executives working together with a facilitator to solve complex business problems, share examples of success, and hold each other accountable. This program will allow members to communicate in a safe and confidential environment where business growth is encouraged by all. Learn more or apply now