Name, branding, technical support announced for MatchBOX Coworking Studio

Name, branding, technical support announced for MatchBOX Coworking Studio

Lafayette, Ind. – June 13, 2013 – Principals in the newly created, nonprofit co-working facility in downtown Lafayette announced at a news conference Thursday, June 13, that the name for the site at 17 S. Sixth St., Suite X, will be MatchBOX Coworking Studio, and that Lafayette’s Wintek Corp. will provide a 1 gigabit symmetrical Internet connection for the space.

The branding was created by Jason Tennenhouse, founder and executive director of GreyMob Idea Accelerator and Design Studio, a local business.

It was unveiled by Mikel Berger, president of Lafayettech, a nonprofit, creative-class organization that is a partner in developing the co-working studio, who said MatchBOX is opening doors of opportunity even before its launch, slated for fall 2013.

“Just the idea of a communal place to work and create has already drawn together a community of creative, technical and business folks out from the spare bedrooms and coffee shops where they have been working,” Berger said. 

“Once MatchBOX is open, I can’t wait to see who else will step up to finally take some action on that idea for a business, new product or whatever it is they want to build.”

Dennis Carson, economic development director for the city of Lafayette, explained the process Tennenhouse used in developing the branding

“Thinking about this building, the people who will work here and what they’ll be trying to do, the idea of fueling and sparking ideas was at the forefront,” Carson said. To represent that endeavor, Tennenhouse chose the name MatchBOX and an image with matchsticks and a matchbox for the logo.

 “The box resembles the shape of this building. The sticks are the people who come here, tap their creativity, spark new ideas and fuel new businesses,” Carson said. History, too, played into his design. The site once housed a fireproof car dealership and is adjacent to the Red Crown Mini Museum, formerly a fueling station.

“We have a memorable brand and a name that cleverly communicates the matching and interacting that occurs in a co-working space,” Carson said.

Oliver Beers, chief operating officer of Wintek Corp., said the 1 gigabit symmetrical Internet connection is the same level of service that Google Fiber is providing in Kansas City; Austin, Texas; and, soon, Provo Utah.

“Having access to gigabit service makes it possible to support virtually anything you want to do online,” he said. “Telemedicine, HD video downloads, crystal-clear HD video conferencing—these are all done seamlessly and without bandwidth crunch.”

The service is carrier-class Ethernet, valued at several thousand dollars a month. Wintek is providing it at no charge to MatchBOX.

“We are a locally owned and operated company, eager to support our community and to see homegrown ingenuity prosper,” Beers said. “For new ideas and developments to succeed, our community must give entrepreneurs the proper tools, and this is one.”

Lafayette mayor Tony Roswarski hailed the progress in establishing the downtown facility.


“This is what happens when you dream, then act on your dream,” he said. “Wintek steps up to take a major role in seeing a dream realized. And creative brains come up with branding that pops and that communicates.”

It’s a milestone, Roswarski believes. “Today, Lafayette is planting a flag on the map of co-working facilities in our nation. We’re claiming our stake in creative ideas and new ventures.”

It’s a great beginning and a compelling name and brand, said Joseph Seaman, president and chief executive officer of Greater Lafayette Commerce, also a partner in the venture.

“All the details for MatchBOX are coming together, and the excitement is building. Greater Lafayette Commerce is deeply interested in seeing MatchBOX launched and then congratulating the successes that will be born here.”

Interior renovation of the building space is slated to begin this August 2013, with opening later this fall.

The property is owned by the Tippecanoe County Public Library, which occupies a portion of it and is leasing 10,000 square feet to MatchBOX for just $1 a year.

“The library’s minimal lease represents an extremely generous contribution to our community’s efforts to support entrepreneurs,” Carson said.

Other partners in the project are Purdue University, Purdue Research Foundation and Ivy Tech Community CollegeLafayette.


MatchBOX Coworking Studio branding

The MatchBOX Coworking Studio branding was created by Jason Tennenhouse, executive director of GreyMob Idea Accelerator and Design Studio, a local business.

Tennenhouse was influenced by the shape of the building, similar to a match box, and by the potential sparks that will be generated by those who will use the space.

People at MatchBOX might be considered match sticks, coming together, or matching, to collaborate, spark new ideas, ignite ideas in others or launch new companies.

The brand was further influenced by previous use of the building as a “fireproof car dealership” and its proximity to the historic Red Crown Mini Museum, formerly Jonesy’s fueling station.


MatchBOX Coworking Studio


About Co-working

            A 21st century movement, co-working, which the high-tech community calls “coworking,” brings together a community of people who independently and collaboratively pursue creative concepts and activities, share facility space and benefit from access to and interaction with others interested in new ideas and entrepreneurialism.


Facility Underway

            The plan is to open a co-working facility, to be known as MatchBOX Coworking Studio, in downtown Lafayette to draw together creative people pursuing new ideas; refurbish space in an existing building following the co-working model; form a nonprofit corporation to operate a multilevel, membership-based community; and hire a staff person to oversee the organization and facility.


 The Space

            MatchBOX Coworking Studio is leasing 10,000 square feet of a single-story building at 17 S. Sixth St., Suite X, Lafayette, owned by Tippecanoe County Public Library, which uses about 4,000 square feet in the building.

            Space will be configured similarly to successful co-working facilities operating elsewhere, with interior construction slated to begin in August 2013. Plans call for a large, open area, conducive for working as well as interactions and exchanges, and also offer dedicated desks and small offices.

            The City of Lafayette will fund the interior renovation and build out of the site.


            Plans are to open the co-working community in the fall of 2013.


MatchBOX Coworking Studio Backgrounder

Initial Steps

            The Lafayette Board of Works has approved a short-term consulting agreement with Jason Tennenhouse, a Purdue industrial design graduate, entrepreneur and West Lafayette resident, who developed a design and strategy for the co-working space. 

            In June, the name MatchBOX was announced for the facility, and branding developed.


            The group planning Greater Lafayette’s co-working community includes representatives from:

Public sector/government - City of Lafayette

Business/private sector - Greater Lafayette Commerce

Higher education - Purdue University, Purdue Research Foundation and Ivy Tech Community College

Public sector/information – Tippecanoe County Public Library

Nonprofit/technology/entrepreneurship - Lafayettech

Shared Space to Work, Create

            MatchBOX Coworking Studio will be a place to work for those who don’t have places to work. Think of a coffee shop mashed up with an office park in a garage. It’s a room full of desks with all the amenities needed to get work done: 24-hour secure access, conference rooms, fast Internet and an unlimited supply of coffee and snacks.

            It’s a great place to start a new business or grow an existing small business. It’s for the hobbyist with a crazy new idea, the moonlighting entrepreneur or the professional office nomad. It’s for developers, designers, strategists, artisans, writers, makers and change-makers of all types. It’s a home for the creative class.

            Users are told to bring a laptop or a backpack, but leave ties at home. They’ll find a place to work for a few hours or they can reserve their own desk and chair. They can put on their headphones and work undisturbed all night, or ask a desk neighbor for advice or grab coffee at the bar with an advisor. The space is about the people there, with users asked to be willing to contribute to the success of the others around them.

            The co-working space is a box, looking for matches...people with a dream about to catch fire. MatchBOX will make it easy to work, collaborate and stoke the flames. Space will be available by application.


Other Co-working Communities

            Principals for the Greater Lafayette co-working community visited and/or studied other facilities, such as:

1776 DC, Washington D.C.,

1871, Chicago, Ill.,

Launch Fishers, Fishers, Indiana,

Indy Hall, Philadelphia, Penn.,