• Title

  • Die Corrector

    Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies LLC
    Job Description


    The Die Corrector is involved in the correction, maintenance and continuous improvement of all extrusion tooling including dies, rings, bolsters, support tooling and some press tooling.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Works closely with the die shop manager, extrusion manager, quality manager, sales engineer, the die shop team and the die suppliers;
    • Responsible for the correction and maintenance of extrusion tooling insuring that it will produce quality extrusions at the desired rate;
    • Will watch production at the press to determine flow inconsistencies and die performance to diagnose proper repair requirements;
    • Analyze initial breakthrough and profile samples to determine the dimensions and corrections required;
    • Must thoroughly understand the proper methods for repairing and modifying dies, feeders, portholes and support tooling to achieve the production of high-quality extrusions;
    • Must understand and apply regular maintenance requirements of caustic cleaning, polishing, nitriding, as well as inspection for tooling stress cracks and excessive wear;
    • Understand industry tolerance requirements, print reading, and the use of precision measuring instruments;
    • Will keep detailed records of die corrections and die history in Epics;
    • Will need extensive knowledge of extrusion press operation, and be capable of differentiating between press variable effects and die and tooling design influences on the finished production extrusions;
    • Performs other required tasks as assigned.


    Job Requirements

    • Minimum High School Diploma;
    • Advanced mathematical and analytical skills;
    • Ability to read and interpret profile prints and die designs;
    • Must be able to read and understand blue prints;
    • Able to manage heavy equipment. Hoist, Mills, Lathe, Forklift, electric pallet jacks, etc.;
    • Have steady hands for precise filling of Extrusion Dies;
    • Ability to read blueprints, calipers and micrometers;
    • Working knowledge of Aluminum Extrusion;
    • Knowledgeable and skilled in latest correction procedures;
    • Ability and willingness to share/teach best practices to team;
    • Ability to work 12 hours shift, EOWEO or weekends only schedule;
    • Willing to work in hot/humid, cold, noisy industrial environment;
    • Strong organizational, verbal and written communication skills.
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