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  • “Although I served on several other councils and boards in our community for many years, I actually felt out of the loop.  Greater Lafayette Commerce is truly the heartbeat of this community.  If there is something going on, they know about it.”   -Mike Gibson, Mulhaupts

    Join one of our Council's, Committees, or Task-forces by clicking the link below.  Engage with Greater Lafayette Commerce and ACCELERATE your business.

    The Ambassador Committee is a group of seasoned members that participate in welcoming new members, attending milestone ceremonies and networking events and promoting the benefits of Greater Lafayette Commerce membership. 

    Annual Dinner
    This group helps to plan and promote the Greater Lafayette Commerce annual awards dinner. Event features a keynote speaker & community achievements.

    Business Breakfast Club
    The Business Breakfast Club is one of our newest events, combining breakfast, a network development event, and a variety show.  Held once a month, this fast-paced event gives members a fun start to their morning, once a month.  Committee members help decide content and organization the club agenda. 

    Business Expo
    This group assists in the organization and promotion of the Business Expo in which 120 booths of members showcase their best and newest products and services. Held annually in the Spring, this is one of the largest business-to-business networking events in the area.

    Chamber Council
    Up to 100 person strong, this council was newly reconstituted to encourage member participation in assisting Greater Lafayette Commerce with figuring out what's next.  The group is task-force based and meets monthly.  Terms are for 1 year and members are encouraged to join to share their passion for change and help Greater Lafayette Commerce continue to grow and innovate. 

    Diversity Roundtable of Greater Lafayette
    The Diversity Roundtable (DRT) of Greater Lafayette works toward inclusion by encouraging access, equity and respect for all. Committed to addressing multiple dimensions of human diversity, specifically those that are linked to conditions in our community that result from prejudice and discrimination, the DRT provides leadership and promotes strategies to achieve a culture that values diversity as evidenced by attitudes, policies and practices within Lafayette, West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

    Economic and Workforce Development Council
    For 2017, the EWDC has developed a critical agenda for Greater Lafayette's success.  Members of the Council will hear from State of Indiana and local officials about the actions being taken to increase economic development and create the workforce of the future.  Participation is limited to only the largest investors in Greater Lafayette Commerce. 

    This committee recognizes the importance of education and academic excellence and works closely with the local school corporations in an effort to continually support the quality of education.  Annual events include the Career Tech Education Awards and the Golden Apple for Teachers award, as well as monthly

    Federal Government
    This group spends the year researching specific federal government issues salient to the Greater Lafayette business community. Position papers that are created are presented to our legislators and other key parties during the annual Greater Lafayette Commerce trip to Washington, D.C. in late Winter.

    Golf Outing 
    The Greater Lafayette Commerce annual golf outing hosts over 400 local business people participating in lunch, golfing, hole giveaways and cocktail reception.

    Holiday Weekend 
    The committee coordinates the December winter celebration that takes place downtown and the Greater Lafayette Christmas parade. 

    Small Business of the Month/Year 
    The Small Business of the Month/Year program is designed to recognize the dedication, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by Greater Lafayette Small Businesses.  

    State and Local Government Task Force
    The State and Local Government Task Force addresses issues that affect Tippecanoe County from a state and local government on an as-needed basis.

    Third House
    Third House functions as the third chamber of the Indiana General Assembly, the house of the public. This Saturday Morning mock legislative committee hears updates from the legislators that represent Tippecanoe County, and each of the six committees presents bills for vote by the entire group. 

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