Enterprise Zone

Mapping Out a Brighter Future

The perpetual task of guiding reinvestment initiatives in the downtown region of Greater Lafayette Commerce is a responsibility proudly assumed by the Lafayette Urban Enterprise Association (LUEA). The LUEA is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to the ongoing enhancement and revitalization of downtown businesses and neighborhoods.

Through the LUEA’s proactive partnerships and tax-incentive programs:

  • Businesses in the zone, and their investors, can capitalize on a more favorable climate for economic growth.
  • Residents in the zone have increased employment opportunities and better housing.
  • The urban community, as a whole, enjoys a greater quality of life.

LUEA Zone Map Look under the hood of the LUEA.

The Lafayette Urban Enterprise Zone (LUEZ) is an area within the City of Lafayette, Indiana, in which more than 25% of the resident households have incomes below the poverty level as established by federal guidelines (view map). Find out more about how the organization works. Visit the LUEA website.