Clear-Blue-Green Business Certification Reflects Your Environmental Responsibility

More and more buyers and businesses are seeking to spend their dollars with companies that conserve resources, prevent pollution and protect public health. Now, you can easily communicate that yours is such a company by becoming certified as a Clear-Blue-Green Business.


What does it take? Tallying your water and energy conservation practices, waste reduction and prevention activities and other key activities. Some are as simple as having a policy to donate unwanted furniture and equipment and implement a non-idling policy at your facility during deliveries.


Employee education and outreach counts, too, such as environmental issues training and helping other businesses interested in the certification.


Businesses who achieve the certification receive a decal and may use the Clear-Blue-Green Certified logo in their marketing.


The program was developed by West Lafayette’s Go Greener Commission, Greater Lafayette Commerce and Wabash River Enhancement Corp.


Click here for more details, the application and a checklist.