• Business Success Platform

  • Business Success Platform
    Growing Exceptional Business Leaders into Legacy-Building Civic Leaders

    Small Businesses are a critical part of any vibrant community.  At Greater Lafayette Commerce, we know that great small business owners become great civic leaders. 

    Greater Lafayette Commerce will partner with you on your path to success, offering the resources and skills you need to be successful in your journey after the ribbon cutting, toward a rich and rewarding career.  

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    Elite Excel 

    Your business is a part of you, a representation of your commitment and dreams. You don’t want it to suffer because of a turbulent market or rapidly changing industry. When changes in business occur, it is important that entrepreneurs take a strategic approach to overcoming the unique challenges turbulence may present.

    If your industry is changing you may benefit from Elite Excel’s professional development opportunities. Attend workshops or retreats which supply you with the tools and strategies needed to manage change and advance your business.


    Our Customer Service program is designed to help small business owners enhance their customer service to provide their customers with premium experiences, increasing customer retention and loyalty. Additionally, the program helps better align worker behaviors with organizational expectations by teaching service language and communication, and increasing customer-centric thinking. Finally, the program seeks to improve hospitality skills of anyone who works with customers or tourists in the Greater Lafayette area.



    This quarterly series provides the latest information to downtown business owners, regarding business and technology topics (e.g. tax reform, new tech for businesses, social media, etc.).  Business owners will be able to use this information to defend against threats and to identify and exploit opportunities regarding their businesses.  Events will consist of a presentation of the topic and Q&A.

     IN-Tandem (Recruiting participants and members)

    As businesses grow and evolve, so must the skill-sets of their owners.  This transition isn't always easy and developing new skills can be challenging.  This IN-Tandem skill development program is designed to pair entrepreneurs with business professionals to help design your own development plan, and help you gain skills required to help your business grow.

    If you have skills you would like to further develop contact Mark Lowe for more information.

      LEAD (Leader Engagement and Development)

    A leadership development opportunity for those who have participated in the small business success platform. In this program, business leaders will be selected to participate in community projects, committees, and task forces. Additionally, participants in this program will be selected to contribute to Asset Archive, Ask the Experts, and I-Tandem.

    PODS (Peer Offered Development Strategies)

    No one understands the complexities of being a business owner better than another business owner. Second stage entrepreneurs have figured out the day to day business, but are looking for opportunities to grow their business and manage the challenges they will face with that growth. The strength of Greater Lafayette Commerce PODS rests in the collective power and wealth of knowledge of the business community.

    Each PODS group consist of eight to twelve, noncompeting, second stage business owners or executives working together with a facilitator to solve complex business problems, share examples of success, and hold each other accountable. This program will allow members to communicate in a safe and confidential environment where business growth is encouraged by all.

    PODS is licensed by the Edward Lowe Foundation to use the PeerSpectives™ Roundtable System, a unique system which leverages the power of experience-sharing rather than advice-giving to empower business owners to deal with serious issues. The system employs a facilitate process and strict protocols to identify core issues and ensure a balanced discussion of those issues ensues without anyone dominating the conversation.

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     Storefront Strategies
    Data collection begins December 2018, first meeting summer 2019

    This yearly event will present the findings of primary research regarding consumer behavior.  It will provide brick and mortar store owners with the information they need to remain competitive in a digital age.

  • Meet Mark Lowe

  • Mark Lowe

    Mark is a serial entrepreneur, owning and operating multiple businesses. He’s earned an MA in Experimental Social Psychology and an MS in Human Resources and Organizational Development from Indiana State University. He is passionate about helping small business owners navigate the many challenges they face daily. 

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